No house can be complete without good roofing. Basically, a roof gives the general image about the quality of the house. Therefore, before you can erect your roof, it is crucial that you hire the services of qualified and experienced roofing contractors. In Calgary city, there are a few factors you should consider before contracting a company to do roofing on your property, as discussed below;

  1. 1. Invite at least 3 roofing contractors to tender for the project

Roofing mistakes are too painful for any property owner to take. For example, if you hire someone with little experience on matters roofing, you may suffer leakages during humid or wet weather conditions. It can also mean that lose the protection against external harsh conditions like stormy weather or intrusions. Therefore, just like you’ll do when hiring employees; get a list of competent roofing contractors to choose from.

  1. 2. Verify that the roofing contractors on your list are licensed by authorities to operate in Calgary city, Alberta Province, Canada.

Before you can select a roofing contractor to work on your project, you must ensure that they are accredited to work in Calgary city. One of the places that can help you get information about Calgary roofing contractors is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, accessible through

  1. 3. Verify the legitimacy of the roofing contractors before you can hire them

All contractors licensed to operate in Calgary have tax identification number to identify them. Therefore, ask your to-be contractor to share with you their tax identities. Besides the tax identification number, seek to know their physical address, contact number, website, and email address. All these information will tell you the legitimacy of the contractors before you can hire them to work on your roofing project.

  1. 4. Consider the contractor’s insurance cover before hiring them

Hire a roofing contractor with work insurance, which should also include the liability coverage and the workers’ compensation coverage. These two covers are essential in shielding you against unnecessary and unplanned for liabilities in case of an accident during the undertaking of your roofing project. You also need to ensure that this cover remains valid for the entire time the contractor will be on site. Failure to do this will leave you exposed to lawsuits should anything undesirable happens within your property.

  1. 5. Get a detailed proposal from the contractor before hiring them

It is important to ensure that you and your contractor are on the same page on the work that should be done during the installation of your roof. The best way to do his is by requiring your contractor to detail every aspect of the project before you can pen a contract. Do not hire them without this information; otherwise, you’ll have no legal ground to seek remedy in case they fail to deliver as agreed.